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Community Independence Solutions, PLLC is an Occupational Therapy Practice. We help individuals of all ages and abilities achieve safe, independent mobility within the home environment, as well as your community. Through specialized evaluation, driver training, or driving alternatives--we provide solutions.

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behind the wheel

Founder & CEO Joseph Francis OT/L, CDRS, ECHMP, LDI, is an Occupational Therapist specializing in Special Needs Driver Rehabilitation with over 10 years of experience.

Joe founded Community Independence Solutions, PLLC in 2018 after working for the Methodist Healthcare System in San Antonio, TX. Having learned of the increasing need for a driver rehabilitation specialist in the area from patients and their counterparts, as there were none available in the area at the time, he began enlisting his services. Initially this took the form of conducting needs assessments, donating time and offering free driver safety screenings at senior centers throughout the state of Texas. At current, as a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, Joe attends national conferences and currently serves on the ADED Leadership Development Committee.

not the end of the road

Serving the underserved is a priority for us. Our patients regaining their confidence and independence is the key to a successful experience. More often than not, driving is not outside of the realm of possibility no matter your circumstances, so an evaluation is always recommended.


We do not teach to pass the test, but rather strive to set our patients up for long-term driving success. While a high-score on the test is a valuable indicator for one’s driving future, it is hardly the only metric factored into our goal.


How to fill gas and ask for assistance when needed, the ability to properly make one’s needs known during an encounter with law enforcement, best practices in the event of vehicular trouble (who to call, where the best place to safely pull over is) and teaching the basics about their vehicle (oil and fluid locations under the hood, the meaning and significance of dashboard lights i.e. check engine, tire pressure monitoring system, etc.) are all invaluable skills that help our drivers understand that: driving is not simply a task, it is a function of everyday life.  

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