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Your Roadmap To Success

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Serving the underserved is a priority for us. Developing confidence and achieving independence are key to a successful experience. More often than not, driving is not outside of the realm of possibility no matter your circumstances, so an evaluation is always recommended. We do not just teach you to pass the test, we are here to set you up for long-term driving success. You’ll learn skills and tips to assist with things you may encounter while driving and help you see that driving is not simply a task, it is a function of everyday life.  

We Serve You

•  Teen Drivers (ie. Anxiety, ASD) 

•  First-time Drivers 

•  Seniors In Need of Safety Courses

•  Those Adjusting Following A Major Health Event 

•  Those Needing Clearance to Return to Driving

•  Those Requiring Specialized Training/Adaptive Equipment In Order to Drive

What we need

•  Patient must have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit

(If a first time driver, please reach out as we have resources available to direct you to obtaining a learner’s permit )

•  Demographics/Face Sheet 

•  Current List of Medications

•  Physician note for “Driver Evaluation & Training”

Getting Started

Upon receiving all required documentation, we will contact you to set up a driver evaluation. This evaluation can be done at your residence, or in our office in San Antonio, TX (by appointment only). If driver training is needed, we will move forward with a training program tailored to your individual needs, then assist throughout and beyond the licensure process. 


The evaluation is crucial in determining how the clinician can chart the course for your success on the road. There are two portions, clinical and driving, which take between two and four hours on average. First a vision, perception, cognition, and motor function assessment is conducted. This is followed by getting you behind the wheel and assessing your driving ability. With the results of these evaluations we’re able to make recommendations designed to maximize your independence AND aid you in driving safely with tools unique to your circumstances.  

Our driver training program is adaptable and focused on properly accommodating you. Whether it be through learning to use adaptive driving equipment, or acquiring skills that will help you feel road-ready and safe while driving, we are equipped to assist you from the time you enter one of our vehicles through the entire licensure process.

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