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Special Needs Driving School

Occupational Therapy Practice aimed toward assisting individuals of all ages and abilities to achieve safe & independent mobility via specialized evaluation, driver training, as well as providing driving alternatives.


As an Occupational Therapy Practice, our goal doesn't end at helping you become confident on the road. Independent mobility within your home environment, as well as local community are an integral part of our clients' day-to-day lives. Sometimes driving may not be the appropriate choice, so our aim is to provide you with alternative mobility options suited to your needs when available. By offering a comprehensive suite of services we can ensure that you arrive at your destination as seamlessly as possible.

Who we serve

Based in San Antonio, we serve individuals throughout the state of Texas.

Our clients include, but are not limited to those with developmental disabilities, traumatic injuries, neurological, visual, age-related, psychological, or psychiatric conditions.

What we do

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 First a vision, perception, cognition, and motor function assessment is conducted. This is followed by getting you behind the wheel and assessing your driving ability. With the results of these evaluations we’re able to make recommendations designed to maximize your independence AND safe driving with solutions unique to your circumstances. Community Independence Solutions, PLLC offers a variety of driver rehabilitation evaluations which cater to your needs in a caring, supportive setting, so you or your loved one can have a clear picture of driving ability.

Driver Training/Licensure

Our driver training program is adaptable and focused on properly accommodating you. Whether it be through learning to use adaptive driving equipment, or acquiring skills that will help you feel road-ready and safe while driving, we are equipped to assist you from the time you enter one of our vehicles through the entire licensing process.

V e t e r a n    O w n e d    &    O p e r a t e d

Our Drivers Say


I highly recommend Community Independence Solutions. Not only is Joe professional, he is very patient and encouraging. After a year of depending on family and friends to drive me around, my rehab doctor suggested I learn to drive with hand controls and recommended CIS. First time on the highway felt so liberating.

Anna C.

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